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A Trip to Bhuigaon Beach

Bhuigaon beach is located near Bhuigaon village in Nala Sopara, Palghar district. I first heard about it on a Reddit post, where it was mentioned that it is a clean beach with less crowd (compared to other beaches in Mumbai, Vasai and its surroundings).

I travelled there by my car, took about 1 hour 40 minutes from Palava city. If you are travelling from Mumbai suburbs or Navi Mumbai, it will take nearly the same time if you leave early in the morning. Road is good till the beach, and it has greenery once Vasai starts.
If you are following Google Maps, it will probably take you through the Vasai-Gass road  -which is a nice place for a morning-evening walk. In the middle, it has gardens near the Tulja Bhavani Mandir. These are very beautiful ones with small lake inside and some children playing area. Very well maintained by the authorities. I visited the garden while coming back from the beach.

Vasai Gass Road
Pond in the garden of Tulja Bhavani Mandir

After the Vasai-Gass road, you will passs through tiny roads with greenery on each side which is a very scenic view – coconut, banana and palm trees and vegetable farms. At some points the road gets very tiny and only 1 car can pass through it.

I went by my car and wanted to reach the exact point shown in Google Maps. I drove till I reached a closed gate. Scooters were parked on each side and there was no option for me to go further or take a U-turn. Took the car in reverse for some distance till the turn and parked near a paved road.

Its a 5 min walk till the beach. Green fields on each side and then a tiny jungle of Suruchi trees.

Took picture from where I had parked my car. It seems that the rain water has collected here.
Way towards the beach. Beach is after the colony of dark green trees. Below is the picture of green fields on left.


Suruchi trees


The beach had dumps of garbage at some places in the morning. 4-5 young people were cleaning the beach by picking up plastic bags, flowers, water bottles – collecting all the garbage and depositing it to a pit for later fetching.

The beach was clean at some places with very fine sand. Sand is somewhat darker at this beach. Water was clean in the morning. If you like collecting sea shells and pebbles, this is a great place.


I went to the right side of the beach where a small stream separates the Bhuigaon and Kalamb beach. This narrow stream is used by fishermen to anchor and launch their boats in the sea. Lots of garbage could be seen on each side of water. Also, the mud is very soft and you need to take care not to get stuck in it.

I guess the source of all the garbage on the beach is this stream – which gets dumped with waste from interior parts of the town. This polluted water then flows to the sea and during tides, the same garbage is brought to the shores.

The stream of water, with all its garbage
Bhuigaon beach as seen from the Kalamb side. Left is the tiny forest of Suruchi trees. During high tides, this part is under water.

This place is not very far from Vasai city, and can be accessible through personal vehicle or by an auto (which can be taken from Vasai/Bhuigaon).

Overall, Bhuigaon beach is a great place for a picnic with family-friends. Evenings are usually crowded, its better to come here early morning. Children can enjoy playing on the flat shoreline and collect pebbles. Walking on grass between the Suruchi trees is also a nice experience. You should visit this beach if you are looking for a calm place. Traffic may not be a problem, and this place can be reached easily within half hour from the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway.

Narrow and green road, while walking back from the beach
Flowers! On the same road, on my left.
Suruchi trees giving a good pose


Here are some tips:

  • If you are travelling by your car, park it before the last turn (near a small compound-wall). If you go further, you will get stuck because of the narrow road. There is no place for turning the car around.
  • Visit the beach during early morning hours, it would be very less crowded and peaceful. If you want to view the sunset, visit during that time.
  • Bring your own food and water, if possible. Only 2 stalls available here.
  • Do not throw any garbage except in the dustbins. There are 4-5 dustbins available and easily noticable (blue coloured big boxes).


🏄🏊 🐚🌴🍹☀️


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