Cycling trip to Padle Village

While looking for places for a short cycle trip around Casa Rio (Palava City), I had found a place name ‘Padle Gaon Bird Watching’. There is not much information about this place on the internet, except – “some groups come here randomly for watching & photographing birds, snakes are spotted sometimes, and there are a lot of mosquitoes”. I thought to explore this place on my cycle, since this was about 6 kms only.

I started at 06:30 in the morning, took a turn towards Padle village (opp Mukta Apartments on Kalyan-Shil road) and reached the village in around 20 minutes. I was riding my Rockrider Five.Zero bike, pic below:IMG_20171209_072457

Padle Gaon looks like a tiny village with basic amenities. On the way to Padle from main highway, there are small farms and a few farm-houses with big cars. Google Maps will show you a road with right turn after you reach Padle, while in real there is no ‘road’. Its just a paved way with lots of stones, which might puncture your cycle/scooter. I would not recommend taking a car, since it will not be able to pass through the narrow street of Padle.

I followed the way, which took me to a open field, where it seemed like the crop was recently burned. There is ‘Desai Khaadi’ on one side, with dark water, and on the other side there are fields till your sight reaches. The way to this place has forest on one side, which is also called ‘Mothi Desai Village Park’ – Google Maps link. You will find the birds and other flora n fauna in this park. While I was passing through it, I heard the voices of different birds – and it seemed like there are several of them. As I was not properly suited for this, I skipped visiting this park – instead went to sit near the flowing water.

Open field, the distant building is Marathon Nextown


Desai Khaadi, picture taken from the same spot as above

I was not able to find a single human being around this place, while I was there. A dog was spotted eating something from the garbage, who ran away as I reached there. While the crop was burnt, this tree also got burnt, losing all its leaves:


The point Padle Gaon Bird Watching (Google Maps link) has a small roofed area where one can sit, which is mainly used by the fishermen to board when the waters are high. There were fishing nets, hooks and some boats lying around. One was nicely coloured and hence I took a picture of it too:


Boat parked on road

When I was there, the waters were low (since it is a Khaadi/Bay, here the waters rise and fall accouding to the tides). It is a good place to hang around. If you are feeling more adventerous, you can cross the waters from the rocks placed in between when the waters are low (I recommend not to do that, you might get stuck on the other side if the waters rise suddenly). These rocks are placed for convenience of the fishermen to take their boats to shore with less efforts, and they also give good effects to the waterways. Pictures below:

Boat parked, ready for its journey when the waters rise! These rocks make a wall like structure to obstruct water at some places – easing the crossing of bay and reducing the water current at some places.
Rising sun, pic taken from nearly the same spot as above. 

I enjoyed this trip, though I was scared of getting my cycle punctured on the way. If you come here next time with some food, water, full clothes and shoes, you can explore the forest (Village Park) and also spend more time to roam around the fields and shores. I will be going here again to find out more about this beautiful place.



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