Phishtank is a project by OpenDNS community. OpenDNS is a company which provides its services for safe and fast browsing to the Internet. While Phishtank is a community where anyone can share or check phishing data.
Phishtank is not a technology to filter phishing/spam or to protect against phishing attacks, but a platform to submit, verify, check or share phishing details so it provides as a repository of phishing data.

How to support Phishtank?
You can support Phishtank in either ways-

  • If you come across a website or an URL which you think is a phishing attempt, report it to Phishtank.
    How to report?

    1. By adding a Phish URL on the Phishtank website.
    2. By forwarding the phish email Phishtank.
  • If you are a lucky guy and don’t come across much phishes, you can support Phishtank by verifying phishes. Whenever you are having some free time, jump to verify a phish. There will be a list of latest phish links submitted by users like us, which need to be verified by users (like us) in order to validate them as valid or invalid phishes.

What happens after we submit or verify a phish?By the users’ reviews, phishtank knows that a link is a valid phish or not. If it is a valid phish, it stores it in its repository, or else it discards the data after some time.
Through that repository, either by Is it a Phish button or by their APIs, people can verify whether a given link is a phish or not, without getting their hands dirty by visiting the link. When the link is verified as a valid phish, OpenDNS takes appropriate action to eliminate that address and thus making the web more secure against Phishing attempts.
On Phishtank, anyone can check or search for active phishing sites in the Phish Archive. It is the repository of phishes submitted by users, and showing whether the phish is valid/invalid and online/offiline. Phishtank also provides nice statistics of total submissions, suspected phishes, graphs for phish verification and submission.

Whenever you are having some free time, do some work at Phishtank for making our Internet a better and safer place.