A device for scents?

There are great moments – we have birthday parties, weddings, or any memorable moment on a normal day. To cherish these moments, we capture them visually as photographs and videos. Even after years, these moments excite us, bringing back the memories and feelings.
Now, even some aromas have the same effect. Some scents make us nostalgic. The smell of a particular food, miles away from our home can bring the memories of mom’s food. While some smells simulate us in other way. I always had a feeling that if we can store these scents with us in any form and retrieve them back when we want to smell them, that would be great. Once I had a soap, which had a very nice aroma but I had only one piece of the soap. So I wished that the soap never gets finished (because of the aroma).
Speaking of today’s markets, for visuals – we have cameras, for our voices – we have recorders, but for scents? There is a vast scope for some devices or products which can deal with scents for storing and giving back the smell whenever we want to have it.