HPC Workshop

As we were promised by the authorities, for the HPC workshop we were to be given the supercomputer access, though we didn’t get the real access, but were given the CLI through the CDAC Gateway. The 16 core machine, was capable enough to handle several of the unbreakable loops created by students’ MPI and OpenMP programs. The past whole week was dedicated for the High Performance Computing topics, and we learnt mainly the Clusters, Process communications for large number of Processors and the libraries for their development.

The  module started with the introduction to High Performance computing and Clusters, and went through covering topics like OpenMP, MPI, parallel and serial processing comparisons, various algorithms for optimizing performance in parallel systems and General Purpose Graphical Processing Unit. The tests and assessment went well with the OpenMP and MPI programming.

And by the way, I moved to Gandhinagar last week.  Enjoying independent life. Need to handle everything on my own, but I have started to like it. Getting more free time to work and read.

Next module for Network Defense and Countermeasures is starting next Monday, and the pre-assignments are yet to be completed. The only thing left to do is perform some NMap packet captures, which I cannot perform with the wireless internet. Need to visit the college lab for the Ethernet captures. Getting back to work, clusters and networks, adios!