Project Phase II

After the wi-fi development, I was busy with the crimping and cabling at the project site. Along with the cabling, the installation and configuration of client machines was going on. Then I developed the servers for the desired functions. And at last I connected the different VLANs with each other through manageable switches.

I configured this local network with the following features–

  1. DHCP: For automatic IP address assigning, according to the group of users, plus some reserved IP addresses for the dedicated devices.
  2. Active Directory: For user rights management and delegation, and to handle the working of the whole forest.
  3. DNS and Print Servers: For the domain controlling and print purposes – according to the user group priority.
  4. VLANs: Consisting of 3 different Virtual LANs of the different divisions of the company, along with Virtual LAN Trunking Protocol.


Testing is planned to be completed within three days, of the whole network (including wi-fi, VLAN and Windows Server-clients). The compiling of project report will be the task to be completed before March ending. The project submission is in the first week of April, followed by the final university exams.