Completion of Project – Phase I

Whoa! It was fun to be working the whole week with cables and servers and switches.. Completed the developing of network at the school and this ends my phase I of the college project.

As I had mentioned in the previous post, I was working at a school to develop a full fledged network with all advanced features. Let me describe the details of the network –

  • While playing with the unmanageable switches, all the clients were configured to join the domain controller server. (It was a tough task to successfully tame the clients to join the domain, most of them had problems with either administrative privileges, ping or network connections.)
  • The Server machines got configured with Windows Server 2008 R2, added with the roles of Active Directory, DNS, Dynamic Host Controllers and Print Server management.
  • Configured the client machines with Group Policy – User Right Delegation, to provide rights and privileges for different groups of users like students, staff, authority and admin.

It was overall a nice experience to work at the school and develop their network, having great cooperation from the friendly staff and my senior guides.