College Project – Phase I

Last week I was working on my college project – allotted by the Technological University. The project is to identify the frequent computer hardware and networking problems occurring in the industry and to solve them in the next phase of the project.

In the current part of my project, I worked at a computer maintenance centre (HSPL) to identify and discuss the problems which were happening with the computers at their service centre. I also accompanied the technicians to different sites where they had to solve the networking problems – some schools, inventories and small-medium business offices. I was successful in identifying and solving the problems, which completes the initial part of my project’s phase I. This was my first step in the computer networking industry, and it was fun to learn the industry practices and the maintenance of large computer networks.  I hope to learn more and more with this project work, while enhancing my knowledge and skills.

Next week I am assigned the task to develop a medium sized network at St. Xaiver’s School, where I have to configure the clients along with 3 different Windows servers to provide the services of Active Directory, Domain Controller, Print Server and DNS server into the Server machines. The crimping and cabling needs to be done through the Cat 5e cables, joining the RJ45 ports. Yes, crimping and cabling is tough, and so is the perfect client configuration; but I love networking, and I will complete all the configurations within 1 week. This will be my first networking experience in the industry, wishing all the best to me!